Kinky Medical Fetish Play, & Sensual Domination with Suzanne SxySadist AKA naughty Nurse Nasty!

This site is about medical fetish & kinky nurse role play such as catheter play, urethral sounds, and mock castration fantasy!

Disclaimer: Naughty Nurse Nasty does NOT have a real life medical practice, is NOT a qualified licensed medical professional and is in no way pretending to actually practice medicine.

Although this fem dom with a heavy nurse fetish, has sought a great deal of training to perform some of the kinky medical play procedures that she explores in her mock medical exams, she does NOT attempt to diagnose illnesses or disorders, prescribe drugs or do any surgical or medical procedures that involve intentional permanent injury, damage, body modification or disfigurement to her “patients”.

For example while she enjoys sensual domination play that may include mock castration fantasy scenes she does NOT do permanent removals!

SO PLEASE: if you believe you are in need of real medical attention, (including psychiatric care) get off the computer and go see a qualified medical professional!

Naughty nurse nasty will NOT take your insurance anyway and your usual co pay will NOT even begin to cover her fees.

Finally, please do NOT try any of the things pictured on this site without proper training by an experienced or qualified person. You could get seriously hurt.

Ready to proceed? Excellent! You may step into my exam room…. but be sure to read the exam room door!

The Nurse will be with you shortly but

she is no pediatrician!


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