Free Ass Play / Anal Fisting Medical Fetish Gallery and Story

I LOVE medical fetish pics, especially FREE ones! And since I closed my members site I have 1000s of sexy fetish pics sitting in my computer getting dusty. While I no longer have the bandwidth and space allotment on my host to post tons more free pics than I already have on the sites, I decided to post this gallery of small ones for your viewing pleasure. If I get a bunch of positive feedback and my server doesn’t crash maybe I will add another. Hint, hint about the Feedback!

Serious Ass Play – Fisting Exploration!

My favorite ass play slut of all time showed up for an appointment one day and caught naughty Nurse Nasty woefully out of uniform, (he has a little nurse fetish too but the latex worked for him luckily). Anyway, I decided he was in dire need of an medical exam based on the fact that he told me that his wife thought he had his head up his ass more often than not lately.

Well, naturally I needed to investigate this! After firmly securing him to the exam table I did some wrapping of an unexplained swelling in his groin area (I use any excuse to do cbt training). Then I did a few initial diagnostic tests to check his reflexes and reactions to certain stimuli. (Translation = more cock and ball torture!) All seemed to be in order and I was feeling much better than when he got there so I knew the exam was going well!

Once the preliminaries were out of the way it was time to go right to the “root of the complaint”. I did an initial search with one digit, then a few and soon discovered a nearly bottomless cavern! (Wow, what a great ASS!) This intrepid explorer had never encountered anything quite like this before and at the point that my latex glove ran out I was pretty sure that a less fearless explorer would have turned back! (I swear I was fisting his ass so deep the entire glove disappeared inside him!)

No one had ever gone this deep into the abyss before, I knew I had to go on .. but how!? Suddenly I remembered the box of extra long calving gloves in my survival gear and so I pulled back just long enough to regroup and pop one of those puppies on right up to my shoulder! (Hey, better safe than sorry right?!)

I considered grabbing a miners hat and anchoring my own ass to the stool for safety, since it seemed that it was vaguely possible that I could simply fall right in never to be heard from again! But my trusty and ever faithful camera man assured me if that were to happen, he would do his level best to yank me back from the gums of death to safety!

So onward and upward I pushed and prodded until I think I actually made it partially into the colon! At that point I could say with absolutely no uncertainty that there was nothing up his ass (or my sleeve for that matter) that resembled my patient’s head. I can’t say it was as exciting as scaling Mount Everest but it sure made my day!

So there you have it! Once again medical science races to the rescue to boldly go where no man …err I mean kinky medical role playing woman, has gone before!!

On a more personal note, I also discovered that if my pro domme career ever falters, I could possibly have a fabulous new career as a ventriloquist! I certainly know who to call when I need a hand puppet!

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