Making your medical fetish appointment with Connecticut (CT) based Suzanne SxySadist AKA Naughty Nurse Nasty!

So you think you want to play doctor with me dear?

Marvelous!! I LOVE exploring medical fetish fantasies with my willing patients! Before we can proceed to the next stage however, I need to be very clear about a few things:

The “No / Not List”

I am a professional dominatrix specializing in medical fetish play. I am NOT a prostitute or an escort. My sessions can be very sensual & erotic but I do NOT have sexual relations with clients. It is absolutely NOT my job to “get you off”.

There is NO exchange of body fluids of any kind. In addition to the obvious, this means: I do NOT allow any form of oral body worship on the most personal areas of my body. I will occasionally allow clothed face sitting in a smothering type scene but do NOT ask to orally worship or satisfy me sexually as part of your submission. My needs are quite well met in that area, thank you very much.

I have a partner and love interest in my life & am NOT seeking personal servants, domestic help, live in slaves, boy-toys, pets, or any other non professional relationships at this or any other foreseeable time. Please do not ask!

Also, I appreciate that many men find me attractive but I get very annoyed by people who wish to treat me merely as “eye candy” or suggest that they would enjoy the scene a lot more if I was wearing less. I will often accommodate a leg or foot fetishist by wearing nylons & heels but do NOT think for a moment that you will get to see me naked or wearing “nothing but boots & a thong” in our professional session.

If it is more skin you want to see, my member site is packed with photos taken during private play and planned photo shoots in which I will often wear a fair bit less than in my professional sessions.

In my professional sessions I do NOT engage in any form of toilet games which includes: NO golden / brown showers! Although I do occasionally enjoy age play sessions I DON’T change dirty diapers.

I no longer offer enemas and if you are hoping for a prostate exam as part of our session please be sure to give yourself one before you arrive.  I truly dislike nastiness.  Got it? Good!

Although I do enjoy very heavy and sadistic play with my favorite pain sluts, I also have limits. I will NOT intentionally engage in what I deem dangerous activities or things that will do permanent damage to a sub’s body. Which means NO: heavy damaging type ball kicking, actual castration, deep cuttings and the like. Also I do temporary piercings but not permanent ones, sorry. (You would be AMAZED at some of the horrifying things I have been asked to do to some people.) If flirting with death is your kick, good luck to you but do NOT ask me to go beyond what I consider safe, and sane play.

If all of this is acceptable to you and you wish to meet with me, you may continue.

Rates, Availability & Contact Info

Rates – The cost for private sessions or training of any kind  begins at $300 for one hour. I begin to discount the rate slightly with longer sessions as follows: 2 hours is $575, 3 hours is $800 and a 4 hour block of time is $1000.

Medical scenes sometimes involve added expense in the form of supplies that must be replaced and restocked.  Please check with me when you book your session.

Gratuities are very much appreciated either in the form of additional tribute or a sweet and thoughtful gift from my Wishlist

For payment I accept only cash at the time of our session.  But I also take Paypal or Amazon gift cards in advance and for deposits when necessary.

Availability – I am generally available for sessions Mon thru Friday from 10 – 6p.  I rarely offer weekends or holidays and I ask new clients to book with at least 2 – 3 days advance notice.

Contact info – I generally prefer to be contacted via email (below) but if you have a question you wish to ask me on the phone that is NOT covered elsewhere on my site you may call me Mon – Fri from 10 – 6p at (845) 380-5054.

How to make an appointment with Nurse Nasty

Ahh, so you got through the No / Not list and you are still here? Hmm, or perhaps you skipped the No / Not list. If so I will give you a fair warning that if you ask for anything on that list (even if it is listed on the form and it might be just as a set up) your application will be rejected, so rather than waste your time and mine, just go back and read the list above again.

Ok, now you are ready to fill out my patient application form below. Once I have your application / medical history in hand I will decide if I wish to take you on as a patient and respond back to you with further instructions. If you do not hear from me within a few days, it is likely that either I am traveling or that there was some computer glitch. Either way, drop my receptionist a note at and I will get back to you asap!